Hampton bay lamps

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Hampton bay lamps


Hampton offers a wide range of lamps. The latest technology and latest trends first come to us and then to our customers. Our lamps are used for hospitality, retail, healthcare, commercial, office and home lighting applications. Energy saving and long life means fewer lamp out of work compared to traditional incandescent lamps and halogen light sources.

Hampton’s Bay lamps: a short description.

Hampton’s products aim to replace the traditional high lamp brightness of the lamp, the lamp (lamp) roof and the lighting requirements. At our company we use the latest technology of optical materials: the use of anti-acid, weathering, PC lens degree of high optical and tempered glass movement. In oppose to the traditional lamps we offer heat sink: Integral type structure Heat dissipation of high-pressure hot-pressing magnesium alloy. Power supply: high power factor and constant high efficiency current drive.


1. Heat dissipation design: the use of high thermal conductivity magnesium alloy in a kind of internal external perforated convection d cooling, unique shape, light weight, thin.

  1. Structural design: the installation bracket can turn angle 180 degrees of design, installation is easy one and fast, package volume is small, transportation cost is low.
  2. Optical design: 4 kinds of light emitting angles (60, 90, 60X90, 110) which meet different lighting applications.
  3. Installation: Hanging, ceiling, wall hanging, installation, construction and installation space to meet the different needs
  4. The product of antiautra, anticorrosion, acid and alkalis, strong Weather resistance, protection degree I P66, suitable for high humidity, low (internal) external environment of the temperature households.
  5. Energy saving is significantly more than the traditional lamp with the same lighting can be more than 75%.
  6. UV and Ir-free light for less heat and protection for heat sensitive objects
  7. Rated life average of 50,000 hours.
  8. Characteristics of long life – lowers maintenance costs by reducing the re-lamp frequency.
  9. Convenient maintenance, easy installation.
  10. Professional packaging technology for safe delivery.
  11. Good quality and good heat dissipation.