Hampton bay landscape lighting

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Hampton bay landscape lighting

If you are looking for your perfect garden or to add some more luxurious items to your landscape, Hampton Bay is your perfect place to take some inspiration.

Our shop offers you the latest trends of landscape lighting with the best price in the market. There are two main types of landscape lighting:

  • Low voltage landscape
  • Solar landscape lighting

A solar light has a small solar panel (usually on the upper part of the housing), which sends a constant current charge (DC) in a small rechargeable battery when exposed to sunlight. When deprived of sunlight (nightfall, shadow, etc.), the battery discharges through a small, but ultra-bright LED. The light emitted by the LED is usually enhanced by the use of lenses and reflective plates.

Sun lamps can be purchased individually at Hampton’s or in sets. Their price various from 18$ to more than 100$, depending which model do you prefer. Solar lighting apparatus landscape more often appear as a low voltage landscape lighting fixtures. Many manufacturers offer the exact same styles of lighting configurations in both solar and low voltage.

Stepping down the household power (120 volts at 10 amperes or more) for a non-shocking 6 to 18 Volts DC, cutting or touching exposed landscape lines has become a low-risk scenario. Non-electricians may install and work on landscape lighting without significant damage or risk of fire.

The low-voltage landscape lighting is inexpensive, safe and meets the increased safety lighting needs of external illumination and gives a pleasantly soft, warm light. Bulbs low voltage landscape are generally 6-12 watts, incandescent lamps (light bulbs as traditional blanket, illuminated by an incandescent wire) and are no more than slightly warm to the touch.

Low-voltage lighting is available in sets at Hampton’s, since the step-down transformer must be designed to handle a load of specific power. A transformer will power a certain number of lamps, more sets may be necessary in a lighting plane and all the lamps in a set must be used for a more efficient operation.

Solar landscape lighting is very flexible. Since each lamp has its own system, you can put as few or as many as desired. More solar lights are one-piece lamps, some are available with the separate solar panel from the lamp itself. This configuration is so similar to the wiring requirements to that of low voltage fashion, it should be viewed as low-voltage lighting with the same advantages and limitations. Our team of mobile locksmith technicians can reach you no matter where you live and can service all your home, office and car locksmith needs for you in record time.